Wednesday 24 August 2016

Conservative councillor complains about UKIP councillor doing his job too well

A Conservative councillor in Hayling has complained that a UKIP councillor helped a resident get a parking ticket overturned.

Cllr Jackie Branson said that UKIP councillor John Perry shouldn't have got involved because the resident didn't live in the ward he was elected in. She claims that there is an "unwritten rule that a councillor acts within their own ward".

As a councillor myself I find myself getting involved in issues all over my borough. Residents often feel that they can trust UKIP but not other parties or are impressed with the performance of a particular councillor and would prefer their help. There is certainly no rule, unwritten or otherwise, that prevents a councillor from helping a resident who lives in another ward. I sometimes refer residents to another councillor because they need the clout of a cabinet member or because it's something that they have particular expertise in but I certainly wouldn't do so just because the resident didn't live in my ward!

Instead of complaining about Cllr Perry doing his job, perhaps Cllr Branson should take some time to reflect on why the resident in question decided not to contact her or the other two Conservative councillors representing her ward but approached a UKIP councillor instead.