Monday 22 August 2016

Racist MP Diane Abbott spent most of her charity's money on a party

Racist Labour MP, Diane Abbott, spent £29k of her own charity's money on a a party and just £2k on good causes according to accounts that she tried to withhold.

Abbott was threatened with £6,500 in fines if she didn't submit accounts for the Diane Abbott Foundation as well as a possible criminal prosecution. She eventually submitted the accounts for 2014 which show a £35k income and just £2k of it spent on good causes with £29k spent on a party in the Houses of Parliament.

The Diane Abbott Foundation is supposed to make awards to disadvantaged black boys to help them "achieve their dreams". The £35k in donations came from city law firm, Linklaters, which MPs have named as being "culpable" for the collapse of BHS and pensions company Prudential, which is facing strike action from its staff over a plan to outsource jobs to India. Diane Abbott didn't donate any of her own money to her charity.