Monday 19 September 2016

Corbynists are targeting children as young as three with Momentum Kids

The far left militant Labour Party group, Momentum, is setting up a Momentum Kids to indoctrinate kids as young as three years old.

Momentum Kids will provide cooperatively-run creches and breakfast clubs for children as young as 3 and training in political activism for older children. Momentum wants to improve the "political engagement" of children and teach them campaigning skills.

The Momentum personality cult is a parody of Hitler Youth and the Junior Spies and Youth League in Orwell's 1984. Momentum has already changed its rules to allow activists to use violence, they are consolidating political power through their puppet party leader and anyone who disagrees with their far left politics is relentlessly undermined and attacked.

While it's amusing to watch the Labour Party put so much effort into fighting itself and becoming more unelectable by the minute, they have crossed a watershed by directly targeting children for indoctrination. There are laws against child propaganda in the education system, perhaps it's time to do the same for political parties? There aren't many things more sinister than lessons in political activism for children by a political party.