Sunday 11 September 2016

Kenyan police kill 3 burka-clad terrorists in Mombasa police station

Three burka-wearing terrorists have been shot dead in a police station in Kenya after setting fire to the building and stabbing an officer.

The women entered the police station in Mombasa claiming to be reporting a stolen mobile phone but once inside produced knives and a petrol bomb from under their burkas which they used to attack the police officers.

With almost comic timing, West Midlands Police has signaled its intention to consider allowing the burka as part of their uniform this week in a bid to encourage more fundamentalist Muslim women to join the force. A terrorist impersonating a burka-wearing police officer would find it much easier to get into a police station to carry out an attack than someone approaching a front desk.

Al Shabaab have claimed responsibility for the attack which they say is in retaliation for Kenya sending troops to Somalia.