Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Theresa May rues out restricting EU immigration

Theresa May has ruled out a points-based immigration system for EU citizens, claiming that it wouldn't reduce immigration.

A points-based system would filter out the large number of unskilled immigrants from the EU but in itself doesn't give control over numbers. It needs to be coupled with a quota system to control both the quality and the quantity of immigrants arriving here.

Theresa May dishonestly cites Australia's large number of immigrants as evidence that a points-based system wouldn't work when she knows full well that Australia chooses to have a high number of immigrants because that's what they need. Every year the Australian government sets the number of immigrants they will accept and through the points and quota system they keep immigration to that level.

We officially have 1.65m unemployed people already living here chasing 741k available jobs. We need engineers, medical professionals, scientists and some other skilled professions which are on the shortage occupations list for non-EU visa applicants. We don't need to import labourers, factory workers and hand car washers because we already have 1.65m unemployed people who can do those jobs. A points-based system would filter out the unskilled workers that we don't need and prioritise the skilled workers that we do whilst a quota system would ensure that we get the right people in the right numbers.

Theresa May is deliberately misleading the public on immigration so she can keep unlimited EU immigration in place after we leave. This would suggest that she has already accepted unlimited EU immigration as the price for membership of the EEA despite it being a clear red line from the electorate. The benefits of EEA membership are tenuous at best when trading under World Trade Organisation rules costs less and has a lower regulatory burden. Unlimited immigration is too high a price to stay in the EEA.