Saturday, 8 October 2016

Hope not Hate troll Steven Woolfe in his hospital bed and fail

Poor Hope not Hate, they've got more money than they can spend thanks to the Jo Cox memorial fund but they're still an amateurish bunch of propaganda merchants.

Steven Woolfe (they could at least spell his name correctly if they're trying to exploit his misfortune for propaganda purposes) is being treated under a reciprocal health care agreement with the EU. The NHS also has reciprocal health care agreements with Anguilla, Australia, Bosnia, British Virgin Islands, Falkland Islands, Gibraltar, Iceland, Isle of Man, Jersey, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Montenegro, Montserrat, New Zealand, Norway, St Helena, Serbia, Switzerland, and Turks & Caicos.

In fact, if he was from Algeria, Andorra, Benin, Bosnia, Cape Verde, French Polynesia, Gabon, Iceland, Jersey, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Mali, Morocco, Monaco, Montenegro, Niger, New Caledonia, Quebec,Serbia, Switzerland, Togo, Tunisia or Turkey he would also be receiving free healthcare in France without being an EU citizen.