Tuesday 29 November 2016

Article 50, #Brexit - all systems go! High Court case starts on Monday 5th, call your MP to account!

There had been a suggestion that Nigel Farage would lead a march in London near the Supreme Court when this case started. This has now been entirely discounted - there was not time to address all the issues that such a (potentially huge) event would have raised regarding planning, safety etc.

However, here in Brighton we have been working on other plans partly because not everyone can spend a weekday in London at the drop of a hat - it is expensive and 'leavers' (unlike remainers) generally have jobs and work to do! And partly because the idea of marching on the courts seemed a bit off as at the end of the day it is MPs who are accountable to us and have the power...

The Constituency Flash Rally - local constituents gathering for half an hour (12:30-13:00 so working bods can do it in their lunch hour) to put on a bit of a show and sign a petition specifically for their MP. So not just names, but constituents petitioning their own MP to act in accordance with the Referendum Result!

We have held one, and now have one planned for Monday, 5th December (12:30-13:00) this is for constituents of Hove and Portslade (Kyle, Labour), Brighton Pavilion (Lucas, Green) and Brighton Kemptown (Kirby, Conservative) - if one is your MP, would be great to see you, if not why not organise your own the date/time are set, just select a suitable location in your constituency and get people along!

This is a petition:-

And here's our flyer! (online at http://eepurl.com/cqCrhb - facebook at https://www.facebook.com/events/583692151826921)

MPs must respect the democratic will of the People. They must respect the EU Referendum result.

Monday 5th Dec 12:30-13:00 Steine Gardens.

Together we can make our MPs listen.

Today the Supreme Court starts hearing the governments appeal against needing a parliamentary vote on invoking Article 50 and starting the UKs exit from the European Union

But it is not the courts or judges who will decide whether we leave or not, we have already made that decision - we will be leaving on WTO terms plus whatever is negotiated in the two year, Article 50, notice period.

Our MPs voted 6 to 1 to let us, the public, decide if we should stay in or leave the European Union. 33.6 million votes were cast and the choice was clear, that we should leave the European Union.

We were told that once we had voted the government would promptly invoke Article 50 and we would start the process of leaving. Not one person at the time suggested there would be any further vote or debate - quite the reverse - we were told over and over that it was a one off, irreversible choice.

We made our choice.

We have already waited too long to have our decision implemented - the government and parliament are not just ignoring the 'leave' voters, they are ignoring all voters, the whole democratic process of the referendum is being challenged. The British public's democracy and sovereignty is being challenged by parliament - the very MPs who are supposed to be acting on our behalf.

We are organising this our second 'flash rally' - just half an hour, in your lunch hour, join us and sign a petition - specifically for your own MP, the person elected to parliament to represent you.  Our event is for constituents of Hove and Portslade, Brighton Pavilion and Brighton Kemptown. And we hope other constituencies will copy the idea and have their own, one per constituency at the same time right across the country - even if not this time, maybe next or the next or the next...

Just turn up at Steine Gardens (the bit of green in Old Steine nearest the sea down from the pavilion with the big fountain!) and join us for half an hour from 12:30 to 13:00 on the Monday the 5th of December.

This is for everyone - leaver, remainer or even non-voter who simply wants the democratic referendum result of the British people to be implemented without further interference. Bring family, bring friends, bring neighbours.

If you have friends in other constituencies - get them to select a location in their constituency for a similar rally at the same time 12:30-13:00 on the 5th,, and get their fellow constituents along. Lets make this one of the first of many multi-sited national events for voters to call their MP's to account!
The People Have Spoken, Brighton Flash Rally.
Steine Gardens at 12:30 to 13:00 on the 5th December - bring friends, family, neighbours and anyone else you know who lives in Hove and Portlsade, Brighton Pavilion or Brighton Kemptown.