Friday 28 April 2017

Paul Nuttall will stand in general election but where?

Paul Nuttall has ended several days of media speculation and confirmed that he will be standing in the impending general election.

Nuttall told journalists on Monday that he hadn't decided whether to stand or not which led many to believe that the disappointing result in Stoke in February had put him off trying to become an MP. However, he has confirmed that he will be standing but has not yet revealed which seat he will contest.

Boston & Skegness seems to be the popular choice with the pundits and with UKIP's former PPC for the seat, Robin Hunter-Clarke, opting to stand in Pontypridd this time round (he's Chief of Staff to the UKIP group in the Welsh Assembly) there would appear to be a vacancy in a seat that produced a very strong UKIP vote in 2015. However, Paul Nuttall is due in Hartlepool on Saturday morning where the unveiling of UKIP's candidate for the seat has been promised. Could Nuttall be the mystery PPC?