Tuesday 23 May 2017

Terror In Manchester, Today Is Not A Day For Politicking

This morning we all woke up to the terrible news of children and their parents being killed at a concert in Manchester.
I won't say who the artist was as she feels bad enough as it is.

News rolled out as more casualties and deaths unfolded.

As the day has worn on, the usual apologists have come out in sympathy for members of a faith, calling people racist for decrying the faith of the perpetrator. The perpetrator was Muslim, followed his interpretation of the Quaran, so he is nothing else and can be nothing else except for a muslim.

Also Islam is not a race just as much as Christianity is not one.

Another bug bear of mine is all the loons crying out Christianity, our Christian country etc.
Religion is the cause of this atrocity, go on stoke the fire with you sudden found faith.
Well done.

All the usual pray for whatever hashtags etc. are out in force.

The only one I agree with is the " We Stand With Manchester" one, as a whole I would think most of us would and do feel united behind their struggle today.

On one thing though the country has united behind is the no political campaigning today. I totally agree with that, although many are flaunting that tenement in anger, most have stuck to it.

My one hope is that science and reason will be taught to a degree where people become enlightened, stop all the hatred about religion and stop the racism, be it casual or with menace.

Fighting over whos deity is the best and what wording should be interpreted from books written thousands of years ago is just madness.

We are all human, we should be treated equal, we should not be subjugated by others.

We should have the right to control what is ours, who runs our countries and who we choose to make our laws.

We should not have things forced on us like open door migration, it doesn't happen anywhere else apart from those within the EU.

We should not be forced into poverty by our governments being forced to bail out others all the time.

We should be looked after by our government and not put at the back of the que in the name of social justice.
Social justice warriors do not realise they are committing unsocial acts by forcing others to go against the grain for the satisfaction of people who just want free stuff.

I really do hope the enlightenment comes through science and nature so we do not have to listen to people fighting over fairy tales and mythical beings in the sky.

My piece here is written by me and is my opinion only.
Do not try and link it to others or UKIP.