Tuesday 19 May 2009

Farage as Shadow PM?

A Sky News poll of nearly 3,000 people shows that if there was a general election tomorrow UKIP would be the second largest party in Westminster!

According to the poll, the make-up of the Commons would be:
Conswervatives 31%
UKIP 19.7%
Liebour 11.5%
BNP 9.5%
Lib Dims 8.5%
Greens 7.6%
This shows that UKIP has shed its reputation as a single issue party and is now considered by the general public, not only to be part of mainstream politics, but as a credible future national government for the UK.

You can sign a petition calling for an immediate general election on the Prime Mentalists website here.

Nigel Farage has given the following exclusive comment to Bloggers4UKIP:
Of course this is welcome news but we do have to take it with a pinch of salt.
The Sky News e-panel is, as they themselves admit, not a representative sample
of the electorate. It's online, so weighted heavily in favour of us with our
large online presence. But it is still very cheering news for it shows that our
message is getting through and the groundswell of support is in our favour. So
two minutes joy and then back to work on the election!
UKIP has gone from relative obscurity to a credible political force in the UK under Nigel Farage's leadership. I hope he's allowed himself at least a small pat on the back.


Steph McWilliam said...

Well, it just gets better and better, doesn't it?

Director said...

What you've written isn't quite right. That wouldnt be the make up of the commons it would be the percentage of the votes. Given votes are disperesed across the country under FPTP it would be incredibly unlikely we would get any seats.

It is still however a massive show of confidence for us

Anonymous said...

Julian is sadly right. The election system stinks. There's a petition on No. 10's site for Westminster elections to be held via PR. Every UKIP supporter should sign it.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Actually, it can't just be Ukippers' online presence, because allegedly the BNP are twice as active in Ye Olde Blogosphere as any body else, but they got half the votes of UKIP.

@ Julia, very true. On that basis, the Tories might get 100% of the seats.

@ A Prol, can you link to that petition please?