Tuesday 19 May 2009

UKIP and Taxpayers' Alliance share platform at Public meeting in Peterborough 26.5.09

European Parliamentary candidate, Stuart Gulleford, who is standing for the UK Independence Party in the Eastern Counties is speaking at a public meeting in Peterborough on Tuesday 26th May (7.00pm) at the Longthorpe Village Hall, Thorpe Road , Peterborough . He will be sharing the platform with Mark Wallace, Campaign Director of the TaxPayers’ Alliance and Frances Fox, UKIP’s PPC for Peterborough .

Mr Gulleford, who has been Political Advisor to UKIP’s retiring MEP, Jeffrey Titford since 2001, will be explaining why membership of the European Union has been so damaging to British interests and Mr Wallace will be explaining how the EU wastes taxpayers’ money and why Brussels has such a huge influence over local issues. Frances Fox will be explaining why it is vital for UKIP candidates to be elected to Westminster at the General Election, next year.

Commenting ahead of the meeting Stuart Gulleford said: “I’m very pleased to be back in Peterborough and to have the opportunity to talk to local people about what is now becoming a crucial issue. It is quite clear that Britain can no longer afford to remain in the EU, with its huge £40 million a day cost, the serious erosion of our democracy and the uncontrolled immigration problem that comes with it. UKIP is the only major Party offering voters a genuine choice at this election, the opportunity to vote for freedom from the EU.”

The meeting is organised by the Peterborough Branch of the UK Independence Party and is open to the public.