Tuesday 12 May 2009

Hello from the new VI - Chairman

It is an honour to be the first elected Chairman of Young Independence. The election, held at the party's Spring Rally, has me now heading YI alongside National Co-ordinator Lisa Duffy at a time of vital importance in this European Election cycle.

Life is hectic; not just with the virtally important Euro Election campaign, but a Uni exam period also to contend with. Yet we must all, as much as possible, pull together and represent UKIP as young people. Under Nigel Farage's leadership, fresh blood has come into the party and I am glad as Chairman of YI to head up the brilliant set of young people we have in the party. We are increasing in number all of the time, with some YI members currently helping at UKIP's Campaign HQ.

Young people working for the party in such large numbers has never happened before. They bring with them enthusiasm, innovation and an ethoes of hard graft. All of these qualities are required to help the party. And, by helping the party, they help us move closer towards getting the UK out of this terrible European Union.

Joining me in Young Independence's Committee is a fantastic group of individuals whom I all know well personally. They will all do YI and UKIP great justice in their roles I am sure. For now, we must all give whatever we can do the campaign. I personally am speaking, when I can, at events all over the country in the forthcoming weeks. A good UKIP showing is essential next month to keep the pressure up on the establishment. I hope that those who are disgusted with the latest MPs expenses scandals lend us their votes on June the 4th. I truly believe that UKIP is different and that we are the anti-sleaze voice. We have had troubles in the past with dodgy individuals, but have dealt with them more ruthlessly than any other party. Let us not forget that it is UKIP alone that wants to rid British taxpayer's of the culture of EU corruption that costs everyone so much money.

That is the message we must get out there in the forthcoming weeks, right up until polling day on June 4th. The British people deserve to know the truth. We are paying £40 million a day to the European Union. In the midst of an economic downturn, now, more than ever, we must champion the fact that we believe that that money should be spent by our government. A government which is directly accountable to its electorate.

See you on the campaign trail. Michael Heaver