Tuesday 15 September 2009

Battle of the Lords?

UKIP peer, Lord Pearson of Rannoch, intends to stand for the leadership of UKIP.

This is an interesting idea - UKIP will be led by someone in Westminster, albeit a peer. But will he attract or put off the traditional Liebour voters who are abandoning their party and voting UKIP instead?

That question may well be academic as the election gets closer, of course, as Mandelson is positioning himself as the next leader of the Liebour Party and judging by the amount of times I've seen him in the papers and on the TV in the last few days compared to Gordon Brown, he may well launch his coup attempt before the next election which means it'll be a battle of the lords for the left.

So would I support Lord Pearson's election campaign? I wouldn't oppose it, let's put it that way. But with the state propaganda machine in control of jealous millionaire class warriors like Gordon Brown, Peter Mandelson and John Prescott the fight against UKIP will be a dirty one focussed on "UKIP toffs" just like the last couple of by-elections with Liebour's disastrous "Tory toffs" campaigns.


Steve Halden said...

I hope their will be a selection of candidates so we can have a democratic election and choose our leader by a popular vote of the members.

Steve Halden said...

The House of Lords is now very weak.

New Labour got rid of the most of the patriotic hereditary peers because Tony Blair knew that he could never get the Lisbon Treaty through with them there.

The hereditary peers would have stood up for Britain.

Now the patriotic hereditary peers have gone New Labour can push anyting through the House of Lords and give away as much sovereignty as the want, and there is no-one left to stand up for Britain in the House of Lords.

Tony's cronies now have the majority in both houses, and the very few patriots who try to speak up for Britain get shouted down by the federalist majority.