Monday 7 September 2009

DCB on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

David Campbell Bannerman UKIP MEP - Eastern Counties will be interviewed on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire today (Monday 7th September) between 5.00pm and 5.15pm. He will be asked about the Party Leadership and the BNP being invited to take part in Question Time.

To listen in, tune to 95.7/96.0 FM if you live in the area or use the listen live/listen again facilities on the BBC Cambridgeshire website at:


Steve Halden said...

Well done David Campell Bannerman.

UKIP must get more publicity in the media, and we must use every opportunity like this to spread the message.

There is an enemy within trying to destroy democracy in Britian.

The enemy within are those MPs that voted for the Lisbon Treaty without the referendum promised to us the Labour Party General Election manifesto 2005.