Thursday 17 September 2009


Conservative Party support played a decisive role in re-electing the arch Federalist and former Communist Jose Manuel Barroso today in a close run vote (16.9.09), whilst UKIP MEPs David Campbell Bannerman and Stuart Agnew were among the 219 who voted against the appointment. Mr Barroso received enthusiastic support from many Conservative MEPs who stood and applauded when the result of the vote was announced.

David Campbell Bannerman said: “It was particularly shocking to see Tory MEPs, including those from the Eastern Counties of England such as the newly elected Vicky Ford, on their feet applauding the re-election of an avowed federalist and anti-democrat. This is the man who once infamously threatened the Irish people should they dare to vote against the Lisbon Treaty.

"It beggars belief that a Party that campaigned on a reform of the EU platform in the European Elections can, at the first opportunity, so openly support the federalist agenda. Barroso's manifesto promises ever more EU interference in our domestic affairs through three more Commission posts covering justice, migration and climate action. He wants a common immigration policy and for Britain to accept another 30,000 immigrants a year.

"How can any Tory rise to applaud this new attack on British national control? Like the con of Cameron's insincere referendum promise and vague claims of "not letting matters rest", the Conservatives seem willing to sign up to anything, no matter how bad it is for our country. It's like being back in the 1930s."


ukipwebmaster said...

William Dartmouth now on the web:

Steve Halden said...

The fact that Conservative MEPs supported the election of Jose Manuel Barroso shows that the Conservative Party is reallly a federalist party at heart.

They are shown here in their true colours, EU federalist to the very core.