Thursday 17 December 2009

Gordon is leading the EU, apparently

The British Climate Change Minister, Joan Ruddock, was interviewed this morning on BBC Breakfast from the Copenhagen World Government Climate Change Conference.

Throughout the 5 minute interview she talked constantly about the European Empire - the offers it has made, the deals it has done, the laws it has passed, the promises it has made and of course, Gordon Brown is leading it (seriously, she said Gordon Brown was leading the EU at Copenhagen!).  When asked what the British government was doing she went straight back to the European Empire again.

The reason?  We are entirely in the hands of the European Empire as far as this charade goes because when Gordon Brown signed the Lisbon Treaty/EU Constitution, he gave the EU unlimited and exclusive control over "combatting climate change" without a national veto.  If the EU issued a directive saying all cows had to be ritually sacrificed and used to build a bridge over the Channel and the entire population were allowed to eat nothing but lettuce and celery, the British government would be legally obliged to carry it out.


Anonymous said...

"No parliament shall bind its successor" is the tool that these globalists are diffusing via their treaties.

Nigel Farage discussed this on the Alex Jones show yesterday - powerful stuff!

Will post it here.

Steve Halden said...

Once a government can sign legally binding agreements that bind the successor government, then real democracy has come to an end.

What will be the point of elections if the next government is bound by all the crazy ideas of the previous government.

The whole point of democracy is that you can change the government totally.

This is an important issue, and most people dont understand just how important it is.