Tuesday 1 December 2009

The Peoples Republic of the European Union

The Lisbon Treaty/EU Constitution came into force today, making us all citizens of the Peoples Republic of the European Union.

The unelected President of the European Empire, Herman van Rumpy Pumpy, and unelected Imperial Foreign Minister, Baroness Ashton, start their new jobs today.

The European Empire now has control of our gas and electricity supplies as well as our means of food production which it has controlled for some time now with the Common Fisheries Policy and Common Agricultural Policy.  They can, from today, force the British government to adopt whatever climate change policies they come up with and they now also control the distribution of international aid.  The British government no longer has a veto over these policy areas.

In 5 years time we will spend long periods of time without an EU Commissioner as the concept of sovereign nations sending commissioners to the EU Commission to represent national interests has been abolished.  The EU Courts, EU Parliament and EU Commission have more control over justice and home affairs.

Some very important people will be celebrating the imposition of the Lisbon Treaty/EU Constitution on the continent with fireworks and speeches in Portugal, the country that spawned the EU Constitution.  Does anyone know the odds of a freak meteor the size of a large building striking the spot where they'll all be gathering while they sing the EU national anthem?  I don't want to get my hopes up unneccessarily ...