Tuesday 16 February 2010

Cllr Defection Creates New Group on Billericay Council

UKIP have today announced the formation of a UKIP Group upon Billericay Town Council after Cllr. Terry Gandy (Billericay West Ward)(Independent)crossed the floor to the party taking the UKIP whip.

His main reasons for defecting was the EU, Taxes and Immigration.

He will join Cllr. Susan McCaffery to form the UKIP Billericay Town Council Group.
Cllr. Susan McCaffery was elected to the council last year with 57% of the vote.

A HUGE LANDSLIDE RESULT - 24th September 2009

Labour 266 , BNP 95 , UKIP 480 (57%)


Anonymous said...

Great news - It just keeps getting better all the time!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is impressive!

Anonymous said...

Yet another defector - from the Conservatives!

Anonymous said...

The last I heard from the Tories (from Norman Tebbitt's complaint) was that Cameron poo-poo'ed his concerns aside.

As far as Cameron is concerned, all the centre-right ex-tories who made up the vast majority of the 'old' Tory party are now dead!!

Cam has a lot to learn. It's no wonder the true blues are turning to a modern true blue party like UKIP.

With more and more of their councillors joining us, no doubt their PCCs will soon follow suit when they fully realise what happens when they are indoctrinated into Westminster.

Thomas Gibson said...

UKIP is not "a modern true blue party", it is a non-sectarian nationalist party. Some of its policies are (or would be seen as) socialist, because sometimes socialism is the best way of defending national interests (e.g. against globalisation).

wonkotsane said...

UKIP is certainly more conservative than the Conservatives but I would pigeon-hole UKIP as Social Conservatives.

Philip said...

UKIP is not an ex CON party end of - Many people who only voted Tory because of a lack of choice now have that choice! Same with Labour voters - they realize UKIP is the only Party that will protect their interests and not use them as canon fodder and merely consumers. Blair showed the Labour Party's true nature and it is pro big business and against Democracy and choice.