Sunday 7 March 2010

Could Tebbit become the third UKIP peer in the UKIP group?

Lord Tebbit has again spoken out about Bercow and Buckingham and said that any Conservative Party member should be free to vote for and campaign on behalf of any candidate in Buckingham because Bercow isn't a Conservative candidate.

Lord Tebbit said:
I don't think it's any business of the Conservative Party to instruct even its activists and members in who they should vote for in that sense or indeed campaign for.
Mr Bercow is not a Conservative candidate. He is an independent candidate. And it's, in my view, not the business of the Conservative Party to support independent candidates.
David Camoron has already warned Lord Tebbit not to encourage people to support anyone other than Bercow and threatened to give him the same treatment as Stuart Wheeler if he doesn't behave.

Camoron won't be happy about Lord Tebbit's refusal to do as he's told and I don't imagine it'll be long before Camoron boots him out of the Conservative and European Unionist Party.  I'm sure he'll be welcomed into the UKIP group in the Lords with open arms by Lord Pearson.