Monday 8 March 2010

Tories to nationalise independent schools

If you were ever in doubt that Cameron is no conservative consider his latest offering - to take independent schools into the state sector.

Why, in heaven's name?

From the Mail:
A David Cameron government would create a new breed of state-funded independent school with freedom to vary the national curriculum as well as teachers' pay and conditions.
Independent schools can do that already, so why would they want to be controlled by the state?  You can be certain that the noose will tighten over time, the government controlling more and more over time.
Fee-paying schools joining the state system would be required to relinquish their right to select pupils by ability and charge fees
How does this policy differ from that of Labour?

Will the Tories also pursue Labour's dumbing down policy?

Will it will become more difficult for independent schools to start up? Will they need government permission to do so?

Yet another reason not to vote Conservative. It surely can't be long before iDave and his leftie,EU-hugging pals are pastured off.
Perhaps the Tories want to lose the election?

Yet another reason to vote UKIP!


Steve Halden said...

Is David Cameron a Conservative?

Because there is nothing Conservative about what he says here about independent schools.

This could lose the Tories votes.

Anonymous said...

Quite, Steve.

I hope UKIP milks this for all it's worth!

Twig said...

There's an old saying "if it ain't broke don't fix it".

Like Labour and the LibDems the Tories don't like the word "independent".

Steve Halden said...


I dont know why David Cameron wants to change independent schools so much. It is the state sector Comprehensives that are not functing properly.

The independent schools are getting excellent results. While the state sector Comprehensives just get worse and worse. My own opinion is that the Comprehensives are too big and there is not enough discipline in state schools.

Until they deal with bullying a lack of proper discipline in state schools, things will not improve.