Tuesday 27 July 2010

ConDem's hand control of police to EU

The vichy ConDem government has predictably failed to keep its promise not to hand over any more powers to the European Empire by agreeing to the first power grab that comes along.

The European Empire has decided that what is really needed to promote free trade and to bring "peace, stability and prosperity to Europe" is for foreign police forces to have the right to instruct our police forces to investigate crimes and hand over evidence for alleged offences committed in a foreign country that may not even be offences here.

This new order - the European Investigation Order - coupled with the European Arrest Warrant is a recipe for disaster and a criminal breach of our constitution rights.  Under the European Investigation Order, police forces in another EU member state can instruct our police to investigate a UK citizen for breaking a foreign law, require them to hand over the evidence of their "crime" and then using the European Arrest Warrant, have them extradited without charge and tried under a foreign legal system.

Cast Iron Dave gave a cast iron promise not to hand over more powers to the European Empire and at the first opportunity his schizoprenic coalition government has turned the police into a common resource of the EU.