Tuesday 27 July 2010

Iceland starts EU ascension talks

The European Empire has opened ascension talks with Iceland with a view to fast-tracking their application for EU membership.

A year ago, almost to the day, the Icelandic Parliament voted 33-28 to apply for vassalage of the European Empire.  Since then, opinion polls have consistently shown that around 70% of  Icelanders are opposed to EU membership.

There are some major barriers to Iceland's membership of the EU, even setting aside the massive public opposition to it.  Iceland's economy relies on fishing and tourism, both of which will be decimated by the European Empire.  Iceland also still allows commercial whaling which the EU government has banned and of course there is the compensation that the UK and Dutch governments want for bailing out the Icelandic bank, Icesave, which the Icelandic government can't pay because a referendum rejected it.

Let's hope the Icelandic government take's Nigel Farage's advice: don't do it!