Thursday 29 July 2010

Supreme Court rules in favour of UKIP

The Supreme Court has ruled in favour of UKIP in its appeal against the Electoral Commission's order to repay £350k donated by Alan Bown in 2006.

Alan Bown is English, he was born here and continues to live in England.  Between December 2004 and February 2006 he was mysteriously removed from the electoral register and during that time he donated almost £350k to the party.

The Electoral Commission - little more than a sockpuppet for the LibLabCon - demanded the forfeiture of the full amount and UKIP appealed.

Westminster Magistrate's Court found in UKIP's favour and ruled that only £14,481 which the party accepted after being made aware that Bown wasn't on the electoral register should be repaid.  The Electoral Commission appealed the decision in the High Court which ruled in favour of their political paymasters and ordered a full forfeiture.

Today's ruling by seven Lords has restored the original ruling by Westminster Magistrate's Court and UKIP will only have to repay £14,481.