Friday 18 November 2011

German conspiracy to prevent EU referendum in UK

Ein Reich, Ein Volk, Ein Währung!
A leaked memo from the German foreign ministry shows that the Germans are desperate to avoid a referendum in the UK on the changes they need to various EU treaties to create the Fourth Reich.
Germany has plans for an EU Monetary Fund and for the eurozone and eventually the whole EU to turn into a political union but mindful of previous problems with countries holding referenda on treaty changes which keep giving the wrong answer, the German foreign ministry has advised Angela Merkel to keep treaty changes to a minimum so it doesn't trigger referenda.
Limiting the effect of the treaty changes to the eurozone states would make ratification easier, which would nevertheless be required by all EU member states (thereby less referenda could be necessary, which could also affect the UK)
When David Cameron instructed Tory MPs to vote against a referendum on the EU the other week he said that now was the wrong time to hold a referendum and that they would instead be seeking to repatriate powers from the EU.  However, the plan to repatriate powers has already been dropped.  When asked about plans to insist on powers being returned to the British government in exchange for ratifying the Fourth Reich Treaty, a British government official said:
I don’t think that anyone is seriously proposing going down that route
I can't find my shocked face so I'll have to stick with my sarcastic "what a surprise" face instead.  It is a well known fact that the Lisbon Treaty has no provision for returning powers to member states, only to take more powers - the Tories have no intention to try and repatriate powers from the EU because they know as well as everyone else that it is a one-way street where transfers of power are concerned.

Der Spiegel quotes the eurofanatic Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, saying:
The idea that one could simply get on to the Eurostar, go over to Brussels and come back with a bag-load of powers simply is not feasible
Clegg also says that only "populists, chauvinists and demagogues" would benefit from a debate about taking power away from the EU.  The majority of the population would benefit from that kind of debate but of course he's talking about David Cameron so let's see what it is that Nick Clegg finds so repulsive:
Populist: a person, esp a politician, who appeals to the interests or prejudices of ordinary people
Chauvinist: a person who is aggressively and blindly patriotic, especially one devoted to military glory
Demagogue: a political agitator who appeals with crude oratory to the prejudice and passions of the mob
I think it's safe to say that one thing you can't accuse David Cameron of is being blindly patriotic - he's a traitor who is happily handing over the country he was elected to govern to unelected fascists and crooks in Brussels.  And as for crude oratory: Cameron is far from a crude orator, he managed to deceive millions of people during the election into thinking that the Tories were eurosceptic.  You don't pledge to keep the UK in the EU in public and convince eurosceptics to not only vote for you but join your party and promote a pro-EU agenda with crude oratory!  I think we can also rule out appealing to the interests or prejudices of ordinary people - he actually threatened his own MPs with the sack if they voted for a referendum despite a large majority of the population being in favour of a referendum

The Daily Mail has a handy table of 10 year bond yields - the interest rate the pay on the money they borrow - for €urozone members and the UK.  Greece is promising to pay a whopping 28.88% interest on any money it raises from issuing bonds, compared to just 2.18% for the UK.  A 28.88% interest rate is expensive but affordable if you're talking about a couple of grand on a credit card and you're paying the interest bit by bit every money.  If you're paying it as a lump sum on billions of pounds, it's certainly not affordable and it's not sustainable.

The front page of today's Daily Mail leads with the news that the German Finance Minister says the UK will be forced to join the €uro and "faster than some people on the British island think".  I think most people in the UK would agree with me when I say that hell will freeze over before I will carry round a pocketful of €uro in my own country!