Tuesday 8 October 2013

English Democrats' homophobic slur against Nikki Sinclaire MEP

Just when you thought the English Democrats couldn't get any lower, they pull this out of the bag ...

I have no time for Nikki Sinclaire as a person or a politician because of the awful, selfish way she behaved during her final spat with UKIP but this sort of attack on someone because of their sexuality is disgusting. There's enough prejudice in society against homosexuals and transsexuals without a political party stirring up homophobic sentiment. It seems that the English Democrats aren't just racist but they're homophobic as well - and they're asking for 1.2m votes in the EU elections next year!

I have reported this picture twice to Facebook but they've refused to take it down (although their moral compass did lead them to suspend my Facebook account for 24 hours a month or so ago because someone objected to me saying that unemployed people should do community service for their benefits - something that weeks later is announced as government policy). I have sent the details to Nikki Sinclaire so that she can take whatever action she deems necessary.