Wednesday 5 March 2014

Malicious lies from anti-UKIP campaign Hope not Hate

Trade union front organisation, Hope not Hate, has given up any pretence of non-partisanship and is openly attacking UKIP.

Nick Lowles: Bought and sold
with union gold
Hope not Hate claims to be an anti-fascist campaign group with no political axe to grind but it is funded almost entirely by trade unions and has admitted that UKIP isn't a fascist organisation and therefore shouldn't be targeting UKIP. Hope not Hate is running a political campaign against UKIP on behalf of the trade unions. They even have an attack blog called Purple Rain which is devoted to campaigning against UKIP.

Hope not Hate claimed yesterday that a former Labour Party branch chairman in Dudley who has defected to UKIP is a former BNP member. They have seen the same name Steve Daniels on the BNP membership list which was leaked a few years ago and made an understandable assumption that it was him as the address is the same. However, if they'd asked for clarification before posting a libellous article on their attack blog they'd have been told that Steve Daniels has a son also called Steve Daniels who used to be a BNP member living at the same address. Hope not Hate have been told about their mistake but from experience there is little hope of a correction.

On Tuesday another post on their Purple Rain attack blog claims that an ex-National Front member has been made chair of Boston & Skegness branch with a picture of Cllr Victoria Ayling and some quotes from the widely condemned and refuted Daily Mail smear against her. Hope not Hate's selective quoting makes it appear there is no doubt about the claims when Cllr Ayling has denied being an active member of the NF and said that she had some involvement with them in the 70s as research for a degree course.

In an email newsletter sent out yesterday begging for money to fund their anti-UKIP campaign, the man who profits from their trade union funding, Nick Lowles, said:
At this weekend's party conference, they tried to remove journalists from a fringe meeting on Sharia Law. They didn't want the public to see their true colours -- and sure enough one of the first questions asked was, "How can you be both a Muslim and an English man?"
What Lowles fails to mention of course is that this wasn't a question asked by the fringe organisers, it was a question from the audience and the rest of audience booed and jeered the man who asked the question. UKIP is quite happy to shows it true colours - the reaction of the audience shows that the implication that you can't be English and Muslim is something that UKIPpers don't agree with even if the British government says you can't be - but Lowles and his trade union paymasters instead prefer to mislead the public to help their election campaign on behalf of the Labour Party.
UKIP won't reveal their true agenda to voters. That's up to us. Make a £25 donation now to help us expose the extremist views they're trying to hide.

The more supporters like you chip in, the more leaflets we can deliver, the more ads we can run, the more campuses we can visit -- the more hope we can spread.
And here we see why Lowles and his trade union paymasters are lying and defaming UKIP members - they're trying to raise funds for a leaflet and advertising campaign attacking UKIP and judging by the fact that tax dodging Hope not Hate is asking for £25 a time in donations they must be planning to spend big.

Hope not Hate's new-found obsession with UKIP isn't ideological in any way, it's purely financial. Like any self-respecting communist, Nick Lowles makes a lot of money out of his political career and that money is only going to keep coming while there is an "enemy" to fight. For the trade union money, the enemy is anyone who challenges Labour. For government money (they get a lot of our taxes as well) the enemy is anyone Lowles calls a fascist or racist.