Saturday 6 September 2014

Green Party candidate calls for election re-run because Green Party voters were on holiday

A Green Party general election candidate is calling for a by-election to be re-run because it was held when Green Party voting students were on their holidays. He has described it as a "rotten borough" election.

Adam Ramsay, who was the Green Party PPC for Oxford Carfax, complains that the timing of the resignation of Ann-Marie Canning was "clearly planned for many months" so the by-election would be held during the summer holidays and that this is unfair on the Green Party because students vote for them whilst the grown ups who haven't had their heads filled with ideological nonsense and would have to pay for the crazy communist policies of the Greens tend to vote for parties that aren't far left extremists.

Ramsay says that the Labour candidate who won the by-election, Alex Hollinsworth, should refuse to take up his seat and call another by-election so that the Green Party can get votes from all the students who are apparently incapable of registering for a postal vote before they go on holiday.

The only salient point in the whole diatribe is that the by-election apparently had the lowest turnout of any election in the UK in history and that 40% of 8.6% of the electorate is hardly much of a mandate. That is probably as much a reflection on the quality of the candidates as it is the timing of the by-election.