Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Ken Clarke and Boris Johnson: UKIP voters are elderly men with disappointing lives who have sex with vacuum cleaners

Shortly after Conservative MP, David Davies, warned against insulting UKIP voters, Ken Clarke and Boris Johnson both launched attacks on UKIPpers.

Ken Clarke said that UKIP voters are largely "elderly male people who have had disappointing lives". The elderly male MP who has had a disappointing life said that he wasn't surprised that Douglas Carwell and Mark Reckless had defected to UKIP and was surprised that they hadn't joined UKIP before. Membership of UKIP's youth wing, Young Independence, has more than doubled this year.

Boris Johnson also said that Conservatives defecting to UKIP are "utterly bonkers" and are the type of people who go to hospital with injuries from having sex with vacuum cleaners. He then went on to suggest that Nigel Farage should join the europhile Conservative Party and campaign to stay in the EU with David Cameron.