Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Philip Davies MP doesn't want UKIP to stand against him

Self-proclaimed eurosceptic Conservative MP, Philip Davies, has told the Telegraph that he hopes UKIP won't stand a candidate against him because he agrees with the party on almost everything.

The MP for Shipley is going to be very disappointed because UKIP will be contesting every seat in May. As a UKIP spokesman told Breibart "The only candidates we won't run against, Philip, are our own. As long as [Mr Davies] is supporting the Prime Minister, his words mean diddly squat".

If Davies agrees with UKIP "on nearly everything" then he must disagree with the Tories on nearly everything so why is he still supporting a party and Prime Minister who are ideologically at odds with pretty much everything he stands for?

There must be no deals for the general election. If an MP from any party believes in the same things as UKIP then they should be in UKIP, not propping up a regime that is at odds with everything we believe in. There is only one way to avoid UKIP depriving you of a seat and that's the stand for UKIP.