Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Dirty tricks by Derby Labour

UKIP's Cllr Alan Graves proposed a motion to reduce the number of councillors on Derby City Council by a third, saving at least £250k a year that could be put back into vital public services. The ruling Labour administration didn't agree so they voted through an amendment to turn his motion into an attack on "government cuts" and take out the proposal to cut the number of councillors so the record wouldn't show them voting against saving money.

By law, amendments to a motion must be to improve or correct the motion without altering the meaning of it. Cllr Graves' motion made no reference to criticising "government cuts" and was clearly about cutting the number of councillors so the meaning of the motion was altered. Cllr Graves pointed this out so the council's legal officer, already prepared for the objection, stepped in and said "the amendment does take away slightly the point regarding cuts to councillor numbers" but it's still about "government cuts" so it's legal.

Watch the whole outrageous exchange on video below ...