Tuesday, 7 October 2014

UKIP disability spokeswoman calls for Labour MEP to resign over slur

UKIP's disability spokeswoman, Cllr Star Etheridge, has called on Labour MEP Richard Howitt do resign for his "repulsive remarks" on Twitter.

Howitt posted the following deeply offensive and completely untrue slur on Twitter:
UKIP says abort disabled children, put people w/learning diffs in camps & bans disabled candidates.
UKIP has never said disabled children should be aborted, that people with learning difficulties should be put in camps or banned or otherwise discriminated against disabled people.

Star Etheridge suffers from Fibromyalgia, Lupus and PTSD and is in a wheelchair. She is a UKIP councillor on Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council and UKIP's national disability spokeswoman. UKIP's Deputy Leader, Paul Nuttall MEP, worked with autistic children before he was an MEP. Just here in Telford where I live and am a councillor we have a UKIP town councillor who works as a house parent in a special needs school, a UKIP parish councillor with one leg and one of my children is autistic.

If there was a shred of truth in what Richard Howitt says, how would we have disabled councillors, a disabled disability spokeswoman and why would anyone with personal experience of living and/or working with autistic and special needs children have anything to do with the party? Howitt is a nasty little troublemaker who should resign in shame at his disgusting slur against UKIP and its representatives.

If you would like to give Howitt your opinion on what he said then you can email him at richard@richardhowittmep.com or send him a tweet @richardhowitt.