Wednesday 21 January 2015

Daily Mirror ramps up its smearfest against UKIP

In the Mirror today a poor and shoddy journalist by the name of Jack Blanchard has run a story entitled:

Nigel Farage admits Ukip is NOT a credible party and has not been honest with voters

In this article, he is claiming he h
as got hold of leaked minutes which state Nigel is in a panic and other manure of that nature.

Here is a couple of excerpts:

He told UKIP chums the party had a “problem” due to a raft of unaffordable pledges including tax cuts, and extra cash for police.
“We are not passing the credibility test as a party,” said Mr Farage, who has repeatedly claimed UKIP is always honest with voters.
UKIP deputy chairman Neil Hamilton – the disgraced ex-Tory MP – warned colleagues:
“This is the last time we can get away with this.
 "We can say anything on the doorstep. “But on television we will have some pretty searching questions to answer.”

 At the meeting, in April 2013, a panicking Mr Farage agreed voters are starting to see through UKIP’s endless unfunded promises.

Then went on to state:

The minutes state: “NF (Nigel Farage) thinks we cannot talk about council tax cuts and spending more on policing etc all at the same time.
“We are setting ourselves up for a fall.
“His problem is that we are promising the earth to everybody.”
The minutes go on: “NF feels we are not passing the credibility test as a party."
UKIP claimed it had “taken on board” Mr Farage’s warnings and changed its ways.
Labour MP Sarah Champion said the damaging leak lays bare the truth behind UKIP’s public charade.
“This is absolutely typical of UKIP politicians who say one thing on the telly but have entirely different views in private,” she blasted.

Well, I am so sorry to have to tell you Labour/Lib/Con/Green types 

UKIP and Nigel Farage publicly disowned that manifesto from 2010 last year (20140 claiming it was rubbish and not fit for purpose.

Whoever is your supposed leak needs to get a life and stop with the sour grapes after being either expelled or deselected for not passing the stringent tests our candidates have to take to stand for UKIP

Another poor journalistic piece from a Left-leaning rag whose poor and shoddy journalists are digging through piles of manure and bull faeces for any story they can use to TRY and smear UKIP.

Sorry chaps, it is not working.