Monday, 2 February 2015

Mirror invents racism to attack UKIP candidate

The Mirror is scraping the bottom of the barrel with its latest attack on UKIP.

Apparently "Nigel Farage has been dragged into another race row" because UKIP PPC, Nathan Garbutt, commented on a picture of a hippo chasing a man on Facebook 6 months ago which someone had said was Gemma Collins chasing Tinchy Strider (a reference to I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here which ther were both in at the time) saying he hoped Collins didn't think Stryder was a Freddo chocolate bar.

It would appear that it is now unacceptable to refer to a black person and a chocolate bar in the sentence, regardless of context because it's automatically racist. It doesn't matter that a Freddo is a miniature chocolate bar and that Tinchy Stryder is only 5ft 5" or that Gemma Collins is a big lady who spent her whole time in the jungle complaining about being hungry, chocolate is brown and Tinchy Stryder has brown skin therefore it must be a reference to the colour of his skin and racist.

After wheeling out a few politicians to say how awful and racist UKIP are, Nathan Garbutt's explanation comes right at the bottom of the article, sandwiched between a picture of Gemma Collins and a video of Michael Burke rapping:
It was harmless fun. It was aimed at Gemma being hungry.

She was a larger girl and most of the time she was talking about how hungry she was and how much she could eat and that’s where it came from.
So ... not racist at all then? While people like the gutter press journalists at the Mirror continue to see a difference between white and black people and find offence on their behalf at any innocent comment involving a black person, racism will always be a problem. Tinchy Styder isn't a black man, he's just a man and the Mirror should be ashamed of themselves for using the colour of his skin to try and score political points.