Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Don't make our heroes beg for more

I spent most of today following Jill Seymour and Nigel Farage around the West Midlands to campaign against HS2, support UKIP in Cannock and then watch the unveiling of UKIP's defence policy at Himley Hall near Dudley.

We started the day in Marston in Staffordshire, a village that will literally be ripped apart by HS2. I saw first hand the impact that HS2 is going to have on our green and pleasant land. The farm that we met at is going to be cut in half by the railway line. The farm buildings are going to be knocked down and the farm house will be no more than 100 yards from the track. The lovely big house over the road is going to be demolished.

UKIP's new anti-HS2 ad lorry supporting the +STOP HS2 n alliance
I can't remember which candidate this car belongs to but it's certainly a statement!

The turnout in Cannock was fantastic. Loads of encouragement from local residents and when Nigel Farage arrived he was mobbed by supporters. He made a sharp exit when a couple of known Hate not Hope agitators were spotted and who can blame him after the physical attacks he's received at the hands of HnH thugs?

After Cannock it was on to Himley Hall for UKIP's defence policy announcement with Paul Nuttall, Bill Etheridge, Nigel Farage and Mike Hookem. Most of the guests were former armed services personnel and Mike Hookem received a standing ovation.

You can find details of UKIP's new defence policy on the UKIP website or just read the salient points from our Twitter feed for today.