Friday, 3 April 2015

Fantastic Mr Farage outfoxes the opposition in ITV leaders' debate

The first proper leaders' debate is done and dusted and Nigel Farage gave the performance we all expected - credible, honest, forthright and a controversial comment thrown into the mix.

By half time Farage was narrowly leading the official ComRes poll which prompted a change of tactic by Cameron, Miliband, Clegg and Sturgeon who started hogging all the time in the second half. Cameron barely said a word during the first half but he certainly had a lot to say when the polls showed Farage was in the lead!

It was all plain sailing for Farage until he made his trademark controversial comment, saying that people who aren't British citizens and are diagnosed with HIV shouldn't be treated for free on the NHS. He took a dip in the poll after that comment and ended up joint first overall with Cameron and Sturgeon.

But his comment was only controversial because he was the only one with the balls to say it. He's right to say that someone who isn't a British citizen and hasn't contributed to the NHS shouldn't be entitled to free treatment on the NHS at a cost of £25k per year for the rest of their lives. Of course it's very sad when someone gets an awful disease like HIV, it will be devastating to them and their families and they will naturally want to get the best medical treatment they can to prolong their life. But that can't be at the expense of saving the life of someone who is a British citizen and has paid into the NHS. It is morally indefensible to refuse life saving treatment to a 70 year old with cancer who has worked and paid taxes here all their life because it's too expensive and then spend £25k a year on retroviral drugs for a newly arrived immigrant with HIV.

Farage put in a great performance, the eminently forgettable lady from Plaid came a very convincing last place in all the polls, almost everything Nathalie Bennet from the Green Party said was just insanity, Nicola Sturgeon came across very well promising everything for free as only the leader of a nation that doesn't have to pay its own bills can. Clegg was pretty calamitous, Miliband kept staring into the camera as his PR guru had obviously been coaching to do and Cameron just kept banging on about his "plan" which is apparently "working". Obvious political bias aside, Farage won it for me.