Tuesday 6 October 2015

Labour MP accuses Nigel Farage of misusing EU funds

Labour MP, Wes Streeting, has reported Nigel Farage to the EU for using EU funding to partly pay for his Say no to the EU tour of the UK.

Streeting wrote to the unelected president of the EU Commission, Martin Schultz, asking him to investigate whether Farage has broken any rules by using money allocated to the EFDD for his tour. He said "Nigel Farage has a catalogue of questions to answer about whether he is spending taxpayers’ money on his campaign and breaching European Parliament rules".

MEP groups in the EU Parliament are given funding to pay for their administration, producing information about the EU, EU election campaigns and meetings and conferences where the expenditure is "directly linked to the objectives set out in the party's political programme".

The Say no the EU tour is part of the EFDD group's political programme to give UK citizens information on how the EU works and why we would be better off out. The tour is an EFDD event headed by EFDD co-president, Nigel Farage MEP. It is directly linked to the objectives set out in the EFDD's political program which is to promote freedom and co-operation between member states; more democracy and respect of peoples' will; respect for Europe's history, traditions and cultural values and; respect for national differences and interests.

Labour know that public opinion is against them in their irrational crusade to keep the UK shackled to an undemocratic, morally and financially bankrupt European Union and that is why they are resorting to such desperate measures to close down the flow of information from the EFDD group.