Tuesday 6 October 2015

Bahar Mustafa charged with malicious communications

A student union "diversity officer" who tweeted #killallwhitemen and calls white people "white trash" has been summonsed to appear before Bromley Magistrates Court to answer charges of disseminating racially motivated malicious communications.

Bahar Mustafa was the student union diversity officer at Goldsmiths University when she achieved infamy for banning white men and straight people from university diversity workshops, used the phrase "white trash" to describe white people and the hashtag #killallwhitemen on social media. A petition was launched to have her sacked which was signed by more than 21,000 people but Goldsmiths let her keep her job.

Mustafa has been charged with sending a letter, communication or article conveying a threatening message and sending by public communication network an offensive, indecent, obscene, menacing message or matter between November 10th, 2014, and May 31st this year. She claims that she can't be racist because she's an ethnic minority woman.

Mustafa graduated with an MA in gender and media studies which probably goes some way to explaining why Goldsmiths is a relatively lowly 50th in the UK universities league table if an out and out racist, sexist and heterophobe can get a masters in gender studies.