Thursday, 5 November 2015

Germany has only taken 10 immigrants under the mandatory relocation system it instigated

Angela Merkel's mandatory redistribution of illegal immigrants and refugees around the EU has fallen on its face just weeks after the EU Council of Ministers pushed it through under Qualified Majority Voting.

In six weeks, just 116 illegal immigrants and refugees have been relocated from Greece and Italy to elsewhere in the EU with Germany taking ten of them and France taking none.

So far, not even a quarter of the required places to meet targets have been made available across the 25 EU member states that signed up to give the EU the right to flood their country with illegal immigrants in the Treaty of Rome. The UK, Ireland and Denmark have opt-outs from this clause although the EU is trying to circumvent it with proposals to give illegal immigrants and refugees the same freedom of movement rights as citizens of EU countries, meaning they would be allowed to travel to the UK as soon as they've lodged their asylum claim.