Friday, 4 December 2015

Labour hold Oldham West & Royton

Despite the best efforts of John Bickley and his UKIP team, Labour managed to hold on to Oldham West & Royton in yesterday's by-election.

Despite the bookies getting twitchy, the election had already been won before election day thanks to Labour's postal voting machine which generated a massive 25% postal turnout.

UKIP's vote share was up 2.8%, Labour's was up 7.3%, the Lib Dems lost their deposit and the Tories dropped 9.6% of the vote since May. Overall turnout was down 19.3% from the general election.

Jim McMahonLabour17,20962.1%+7.3%
John BickleyUKIP6,48723.4%+2.8%
James DalyConservatives2,5969.4%-9.6%
Jane BrophyLib Dem1,0243.7%0.0%
Simeon HartGreen2490.9%-1.0%
Sir Oink A-LotMonster Raving Loony1410.5%N/A

Well done to John Bickley and his team for an excellent election campaign.