Saturday 27 February 2016

BBC bias over EU exit "risks British science" article

The BBC ran an article yesterday with the headline EU exit 'risks British science' in which the director of the EU-funded Francis Crick Institute claims that leaving the EU would be detrimental to the science industry. His claims are backed up by "Scientists for EU" - an organisation which the Leave Alliance have already taken to task over their dishonest political posturing.

Scientists for Britain, which advocates leaving the EU and opening up research programmes to the rest of the world, is given fairly equal coverage in the article arguing that the most successful scientific collaborations the UK takes part in have nothing to do with the EU and that the extra money we will save from not being in the EU can be put into research funding of our own.

So given the obvious lack of consensus - which the BBC actually reports - why does the headline read EU exit 'risks British science' rather than No consensus on impact of EU exit on British science? The BBC has already failed its impartiality test by giving prominence to pro-EU commentators on flagship programmes and allowing staff to call the EU "Europe" to confuse viewers, according to Tory MP, Andrew Bridgen. This biased headline is yet another example of the institutional bias in the EU-funded BBC.