Saturday 27 February 2016

British government holding back British Bill of Rights & Responsibilities until after the EU Referendum

The British government are holding back their British Bill of Rights & Responsibilities - a new law that would replace the EU Human Rights Act and the 1689 English Bill of Rights - until after the EU referendum to avoid being slapped down over attempts to curtail the jurisdiction of the EU Court of Injustice.

The Human Rights Act - often referred to as the criminal's charter - brought into force the European Convention on Human Rights. The ECHR gave some of the human rights already enjoyed in England by the Bill of Rights, Magna Carta and Habeas Corpus (amongst others) legal protection under EU law and gave the EU Court of Human Rights and EU Court of Injustice the right to overrule our own courts when interpreting its provisions. In addition to what are considered human rights in the commonly accepted definition of the term, it gave new legal rights to criminals, illegal immigrants, hate preachers and terrorists that can be used to escape punishment and deportation.

The EU has already admitted to holding back new legislation and a budget review until after the EU referendum because they don't want to help the leave campaign and now it seems the British government are doing the same. Irrespective of the fact that we don't need a British Bill of Rights to replace the perfectly good Bill of Rights we've had for the last 328 years, the British government shouldn't be manipulating the legislative process for their own political campaigns.

The rights we have from our own constitution

Bill of Rights 1689

  • Only Parliament can make or repeal laws
  • Only Parliament can levy taxes
  • All subjects have the right to petition the Crown
  • Armed forces are answerable to Parliament
  • Members of Parliament must be elected in free elections
  • Immunity from prosecution for libel for Members of Parliament
  • No cruel or unusual punishments or excessive bail
  • The right to trial by jury
  • No fines or forfeitures without conviction
  • Parliament will sit on a regular basis
  • The Crown is not above the law

Magna Carta 1215

  • The right to trial by jury
  • No fines or forfeitures without conviction
  • The state cannot use force against you without legal authority

Habeas Corpus 1679

  • Prisoners have a right to appear before a judge
  • Prisoners can't be moved to a different prison or out of the country to avoid due process

Petition of Right 1627

  • Only Parliament can levy taxes
  • The Crown can't demand that you lend it money
  • Armed forces don't have a right to enter your home and demand hospitality
  • Soldiers have to obey the law of the land even when martial law is in effect

The "rights" we don't get from our constitution

  • The right to break into the back of a lorry and illegally enter the country
  • The right to preach hatred and intolerance on our streets
  • The right to free housing and benefits without ever having to pay a penny in taxes
  • The right to compensation for hurt feelings
  • The right to special treatment because of your age, gender, sexuality, disability, race or religion