Thursday 3 March 2016

UK "anarchists" trying to incite riots in Calais

So-called "anarchists" from the UK are causing havoc in Calais trying to incite riots.

While the French police were clearing an unauthorised section of the illegal immigrant camp known as "the jungle" in Calais, UKIP MEP Mike Hookem and his team witnessed activists from the UK torching shacks and telling the illegal immigrants that it was the French police. One was heard telling fellow activists "next time we have to make sure everyone's out before we start it" as she was taken away by police.

The Prefect of Calais has commented that police officers politely telling illegal immigrants why they need to move were abused by British activists.

Not content with trying to incite riots in the illegal immigrant camp, these self-styled anarchists are also attacking lorry drivers. One driver has told the Express that a group of people with middle class English accents threw stones at his lorry, smashing the windscreen and one even lanced his cab with a sharpened metal pole narrowly missing him.

French authorities are moving illegal immigrants out of the camp at Calais in the hope that they will go to one of the official asylum reception centres dotted around the country where they will have running water, electricity, security and medical care. The illegal immigrants are reluctant to do so because that would require registration and making their asylum claim in France rather than the UK where they want to be.

The situation in Calais is clearly out of control and the police are unable to effectively manage the situation. It's time for the army to take control, root out the British agitators, demolish the camp and secure the border. Every one of the so-called anarchists helping people illegally enter the UK, causing criminal damage and recklessly endangering lives are accessories to a crime and should be deported back to the UK and hauled in front of a judge.

If the French government doesn't have the balls to hand policing of Calais over to the army then hauliers need to bite the bullet and switch to another port such as Antwerp or Rotterdam. It will cost them money but at least their drivers will be safe and with no regular supply of lorries to try and break into Calais will suddenly become less attractive to the illegal immigrants whilst the imminent collapse of the whole Calais prefecture's economy will give the French government the kick it needs to start acting responsibly.