Monday 25 April 2016

Peterborough Labour withdraw "cheap and divisive" leaflet

The Labour Party have been forced to withdraw a local election leaflet being distributed in Peterborough after it emerged they had replaced a section about immigration in a Polish translation in a leaflet with words about keeping the city tidy.

The English section of the leaflet says that Labour will deliver a crackdown on the UK's "unjust immigration policy" but the Polish translation omits the mention of immigration and instead talks about the importance of keeping the area tidy and getting people involved in local politics.

The leaflet has been criticised as "divisive" with local Conservative MP, Stewart Jackson, saying "this is a cheap and divisive tactic that should have no place in an election campaign". Mr Jackson has presumably forgotten that just two years ago the Conservative Party in the London Borough of Newham went even further, appealing directly to the Muslim population with discriminatory election pledges in a leaflet written in Urdu and Gujurati. Hypocrisy aside, though, he's correct. This sort of thing is divisive and has no place in an election.