Monday 9 May 2016

Shameless Cameron claims that leaving the EU will cause world war three

Project Fear went into overdrive today with David Cameron making the bizarre claim that by leaving the EU we will cause world war three and genocide!

Throughout the EU referendum campaign Project Fear have been claiming that the UK is so small and insignificant that we won't have any influence on the world stage once we've left the EU yet now we're apparently so important that leaving the UK leaving the EU will result in a world war.

Cameron shamefully invoked images of rows and rows of white gravestones marking the graves of millions of British and Commonwealth men and women who gave their lives fighting to stop the last attempt to create a United States of Europe to claim that it would be dangerous to leave the EU. This marks a new low for Project Fear and shows that nothing - not even belittling the sacrifice our forebears made to fight off the very thing he is helping to create - is out of bounds for this bunch of disrespectful snake oil salesmen.

Bizarrely, after repeating the myth that the EU has been responsible for peace decades of peace he said that it was barely two decades since the civil war in Bosnia - the scene of the only genocide in Europe since the second world war, perpetrated under the watchful eye of EU peacekeepers.

Back in 2011 we compiled a list of wars and conflicts in Europe in the 50 years that the Nobel Committee insultingly awarded the EU the Nobel Peace Prize for creating 50 years of peace.
Fifty years ago was 1961, two years after the Basque separatists started a civil war in Spain and France. In 1968, the USSR invaded Czechoslovakia and the IRA started a civil war in Northern Ireland. In 1970 various far left groups started a civil war in Italy and in 1974 Turkey invaded northern Cyprus. In 1984 the PKK started a civil war in Turkey and in 1988 Armenia and Azerbaijan went to war over Nagorno-Karabakh. In 1989 Romania underwent a revolution and in 1991 Slovenia went to war with Yugoslavia for its independence. In 1991, rebels in South Ossetia and Abkhazia started a civil war in Georgia and Croatia went to war with Yugoslavia for its independence. In 1992, ethnic Moldovans started a civil war in Transnistria, there was ethnic cleansing in North Ossetia, civil war in Abkhazia and the start of the war in Bosnia. In 1994, civil war started in Chechnya for the first time. In 1998 there was civil war in Kosovo, the Real IRA started terrorism again in Northern Ireland and civil war broke out in Abkhazia again. In 1999, Chechnyan separatists invaded Dagestan, the second civil war started in Chechnya and there was another uprising in Yugoslavia. In 2001 there was civil war in Macedonia. In 2004 there was more fighting in Kosovo. In 2007 there was civil war in Ingushetia and in 2008 there was a second war in South Ossetia with a Russian invasion.
The five years since the EU was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize peace have been far from peaceful. Russia invaded and then annexed Crimea after the EU supported a coup against the pro-Russian president of Ukraine in 2014-15. There have also been a number of terrorist attacks in Germany, France, Bulgaria, Belgium and Denmark committed by a variety of Islamic terrorist organisations made possible by the lack of border controls within the EU and the stupidity of throwing the doors open to millions of people from terrorist hotspots in the Middle East and Africa.

Membership of the EU has made us less safe. We can't deport criminals and terrorists and we can't stop them coming here in the first place. Our courts are hamstrung by EU human rights legislation that gives so much privilege to criminals that it's virtually impossible to protect the population. Meanwhile, the EU Arrest Warrant allows UK citizens to be handed over to foreign police services with no evidence required, the EU wants to take over the coastguard and incorporate it into an EU border force and they have a blueprint for an EU army which will take effect after our referendum.

The safe choice is to leave the EU.