Friday 6 May 2016

UKIP make largest gains in English councils overnight

UKIP has done very well in the English local elections from the results declared overnight, currently sitting on +20 councillors. The Conservatives and Lib Dems have also made gains whilst Labour have taken a drubbing so far.

The UKIP group on Thurrock Council has grown by 6 councillors, bringing the party level with the Conservatives on 17 seats each. The UKIP group is in talks with the Conservative group to enter into a coalition.

UKIP has gained 4 seats on Great Yarmouth Borough Council to become the second largest group. The Conservatives have 14 seats, UKIP have 12 and Labour have 11 with 2 independents making up the difference.

The Conservatives have retained control of Tamworth but now have two UKIP councillors in opposition.

UKIP and the Conservatives have helped take Dudley out of overall control by the Labour Party with UKIP gaining one seat and the Conservatives gaining two. UKIP theoretically holds the balance of power but the Tories have said they would rather form a coalition with Labour than come to an agreement with UKIP. It's something of a moot point anyway as Dudley UKIP is disinclined to do a deal with anyone.

Only constituency seats (34 of 40) have been declared in Wales so far, none of which have gone to UKIP. The regional seats are where UKIP is predicted to make a breakthrough. UKIP has taken 13.3% of the constituency vote which, if reflected in the regional vote, could translate into 5 or 6 seats for UKIP based on the Lib Dems' 4 seats for 8% of the vote in 2011.

There have been no gains for UKIP in Scotland yet and counting has yet to start in London and Northern Ireland.