Thursday 5 May 2016

England, Scottish, Welsh, Northern Irish, Police & Crime Commissioner and two Westminster elections are today!

Elections are being held today all over the country for local councils, devolved governments and Police & Crime Commissioners.

Polling has predicted UKIP storming the Welsh Assembly despite a dishonest and defamatory campaign by the trade union-funded Labour Party campaign group, Hope not Hate. If you live in Wales you can help show Hope not Hate, the unions and Labour that the politics of fear and hate don't work and help get UKIP elected to the Welsh Assembly.

UKIP is also in with a chance of getting representation on the London Assembly with polling suggesting that there could be two MLAs joining the 12 UKIP borough councillors already elected in London.

The polls are less clear on UKIP's projected fortunes in Scotland with predictions ranging from zero to 7 seats in the Scottish Parliament. There is a strong possibility of one or two UKIPpers being elected to the Scottish Parliament today.

Northern Ireland is voting for members of the Northern Irish Assembly today with 13 UKIP candidates contesting Assembly seats including three sitting councillors.

Police & Crime Commissioner elections are being held throughout England today with a UKIP candidate in every one. PCC elections are held under an Alternative Vote system where you express a first and second preference which makes the results very hard to predict but is fairer that the Victorian FPTP system where most successful candidates win without ever securing a majority of the vote.

There are also two parliamentary by-elections for Ogmore in South Wales and Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough with a UKIP candidate for both.

Finally, there are 2,747 seats up for grabs in 124 councils in England with 31 of them currently held by UKIP. Indications are that the party will make modest gains in England.