Saturday 8 April 2017

Stockholm terrorist is 39 year old Uzbek known to the police with links to ISIS

The suspect thought to be responsible for yesterday's terrorist attack on a busy street in Stockholm was a 39 year old Uzbek citizen known to police.

Bomb squad officers found a homemade explosive on the hijacked truck used to mow down pedestrians which had failed to detonate during the attack.

The father of 4 was already known to police but was not on their radar recently despite posting extremist material on social media. Investigators have also found ISIS-related material on his laptop and pictures of people injured in the Boston marathon bombing.

Politicians responsible for creating a society where criticising immigration or pointing out the increase in the crime rate with immigration is a criminal offence have been crying crocodile tears over the attack but will do nothing to stem the influx of illegal economic immigration and the violent extremists that are using it to extend their reach into Europe. One estimate based on private research to make up for the misleading and patchy statistics produced by the Swedish government estimates that economic immigration is costing the Swedish government as much as $18.6bn or 20% of its annual budget.

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