Friday, 17 October 2014

Cameron bottles leaders' debates

David Cameron is trying to bottle out of appearing on leaders' debates with Nigel Farage before next year's elections.

Cameron is using the excuse that it's not fair that the leader of the third largest party in the UK that won this year's EU elections and has elected representatives in all four home nations and at every level of government should get a place in the debates when the leader of the Green Party doesn't.

Whether the leader of the Green Party should get a place in the debates or not is debatable. They're challenging the Lib Dems for fourth place but that's more of a reflection on the Lib Dems than the Greens.

Cameron is pretending he's standing up for principals but really he's just scared to share a stage with Nigel Farage. We've had Bottler Brown, now we've got Decanter Dave.

Remember when David Cameron accused Gordon Brown of being a bottler in 2009?