Wednesday 4 May 2016

EU Political Strategy Centre proposes EU security services and anti-terrorism police

The EU Political Strategy Centre has drafted proposals for an EU security service that would take over investigations and prosecutions for terrorism.

The "EU Security Union" would create an intelligence service, police force and judicial system that would operate independently across the EU and overrule our own police, judges and intelligence services. It even envisages EU judges sitting in English courts to try terrorist suspects under EU law.

David Cameron's sham renegotiation agreement says that national security will remain a national competency but the EUPSC proposal says that the EU human right to security gives the EU the power to take over security services regardless. The EU clearly have no intention of respecting even the superficial tweaks in Cameron's renegotiation, let alone curtail their federalist ambitions. This will happen and the only way to stop it happening to us is to vote to leave the EU.